Due to recent changes, we are not accepting any new immigration physicals at this time.  We are looking at taking on more immigration physicals within the next 90 days.

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Only $250

(If no additional tests or vaccinations are required)


Immigration Exams check

Physical Examination
TB skin test
Chest X-Ray
RPR (Syphilis)
I-693 signed by Civil Surgeon

Estimated Turn-around time is 5 business days if no additional tests are needed.

What to Bring to your appointment

• 2 Forms of government issued identification
• Any vaccination records

If you do not have any records there are 2 options :
1. Add a titer, which is a blood test to check for immunity to that particular vaccine. This is done when you think you might have received the vaccination in the past, but you do not have proof. If the result comes back immunune, then you do not need to get the vaccine. We can send proof of immunity with your form to USCIS. If it does NOT come back immune, then you will need to proceed with the vaccine. Costs of titers vary depending on vaccine.

2. Receive your vaccination(s) at our clinic on the same day of your exam for an additional low competitive price.


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